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A Dialogue with Salah Eddin al Jourshi

A Dialogue with Salah Eddin al Jourshi
PDF English Versionلتحميل الورقة
PDF Arabic Versionلتحميل الورقة
Lessons Learned – how Tunisia achieved a jasmine revolution
Salah Eddin al Jourshi discusses Tunisia’s successful transition to democracy. Looking back he analyses the social and political factors that played a role in shaping the way the country has evolved. How it escaped major upheavals and reached a consensus in civil society that allowed for change.
He met with Bassma Kodmani Executive Director and Salam Kawabiki, Deputy Director of ARI in Tunis.
Salah Eddin al Jourshi is a well-known researcher and journalist. He is also President of the Al Jaheth Cultural Forum,Tunisia.