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What Decentralization Model for Future Syria?
Paris, 28 January -- 25 researchers, academics and civil society activists met to discuss the cases of decentralization in Iraq, Morocco, and Tunisia to inform discussions on a model for decentralized governance in Syria. Read More
Emerging Alternative Patterns for Mobilization in Post-2013 Egypt

This project is the follow-up to a previous multi-phase research project conducted by ARI from 2014 to 2016 entitled “From Social Mobilization to Political Organization”, which documented a wide array of civil initiatives that dominated the Eg

Read More
Engaged Algerian Youth: Living in Diaspora, New Approaches to Political Action?
Social entrepreneurship and associative work as new forms of political action provide the potential for Algerian engaged youth to play a future political role in Algerian politics and an eventual transition process in Algeria. Read More
New Political Pressure Groups and the May 2018 Elections: Lessons Learned for Future Engagement
Lessons learned from the Lebanese youth engagement in the last election better equip them for future participation in the country's election and the formal political sphere. Read More
Decentralization and Local Councils in Post-Conflict Syria: What Role Can Youth Play?
Can youth engagement in local councils during the war be sustained if a process of decentralization of governance takes place in Syria after the conflict and what is its potential politically? Read More
Blessed Investors and Cursed Refugees: A Reading of Syrian Presence in Jordan
Syrians in Jordan share many of their difficult living conditions with the rest of Jordanians, but the authorities would likely prefer wealthy Syrians to return home but keep their capital invested in Jordan, fearing its withdrawal would seriously harm the economy. Read More
Mapping the Syrian Diaspora: A Global Player in the Reconstruction of Syria
It is important for the Syrian diaspora to unite now and unlock the soft power it holds and shifts part of the decision-making power of outside players to its side. Read More
The Syrian Diaspora, Old and New
The Syrian diaspora has only started to measure its own importance but has yet to organize with the conscious aim to become the strategic player and partner it can be for the international community to help Syria on its long road to recovery. Read More