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Lebanese Communities Abroad: Feeding and Fuelling Conflicts
Lebanese diaspora communities are heavily engaged in their country’s economic and political development but their involvement does not challenge the nature of Lebanon’s sectarian-based model of governance. Read More
Syrians in Turkey: Groupings, Fractures and a Floundering Civil Society
The Syrian elite in Turkey was not immune from the conflict situation in the homeland, but has continued to provide support for Syrians within Syria, and looks forward to participating in all aspects of reconstruction in post-conflict Syria. Read More
Syrian Diaspora Groups in Europe: Mapping their Engagement in Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom
Mapping the mobilisation of Syrian diaspora in Europe provides a basis for further engagement with the most relevant groups for consultations on future solution scenarios for Syrian refugees. Read More
Armenians Abroad: Between Diaspora and the State
Divided and reconnected by historical rifts and disillusionment with the Armenian state, the Armenian diaspora is pushed by the economic difficulties in the homeland to reshape itself into a plural unit. Read More
Local Actors in the Syrian Coastal Area: Characteristics and Prospects
Who are the political, economic, cultural and religious actors in the Syrian coastal area? What is their potential to work toward building a national inclusive project for post-war Syria? Read More
Islamists and Rights Activists in Egypt: The Potential for Convergence
In today’s tough human rights and political context in Egypt, will the relationship between rights activists and Islamists, propelled by the rise of a new generation of actors, move from animosity to cooperation? Read More
Tunisia: Human Rights Organizations, Political Islam and its Groups
An analysis of the changes during the drafting of the 2014 Constitution offers a more nuanced view of the complex and ongoing interactions between Islamic movements and human rights in Tunisia. Read More