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Institutional Reform in the Arab World: Problems, Challenges, and Prospects
Despite challenges, Arab revolutions have opened the door for reform in the security sector or the discussion of the problematic areas in this reform process. They have also triggered a genuine interest in institutional reform of other sectors. Read More
Arab Revolutions and Political Participation: New Patterns, Divergent Trajectories, and Different Negotiation Abilities
Arab revolutions have created new opportunities for political and social participation, and for the negotiation of rights. The revolutions themselves became factors in political and social development and engines for greater social change, even if such change was later curtailed. Read More
The Arab Revolutions Seven Years On: The State of Social Movements in Egypt and Syria
Social movements in Egypt and Syria played a central role in sparking the 2011 revolutions. Yet, despite their profound influence, they have since been sidelined. How was social movement influenced by a restricted political sphere in Egypt and by the militarization of the revolution in Syria? Read More
Making Use of a Revolutionary Moment: The Impact of Human Rights Organizations in Post-revolutionary Egypt
Human rights organizations were able to seize a favourable momentum to achieve success on some issues in the aftermath of 2011. The chances of such success are very slim if the current wave of repression continues. Read More