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Aleppo Christians: A Turbulent History and the Path Ahead
Restoring the damaged relationship between Christian and Muslims in Aleppo requires a lot from all sides but will not succeed under the current regime, and without a change in its relations with the Christian leadership. Read More
Unsolved Dilemmas: Issues of Internal Governance in Egypt’s Human Rights NGOs
The restrictive environment for civil society in Egypt has hindered the development of stronger internal governance mechanisms in many organizations. Other factors and dilemmas have also played a role. Read More
Social Movements and Demands, and Contentious Politics in the Arab Region
Course mentor: Dina el-Khawaga and Choukri Hmed Read More
The Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Movement: From Pillar of Monarchy to Enemy of the State
Jordanian state intelligence fight against the Muslim Brotherhood as the only force capable of challenging the monarchy led to internal divisions but is preventing the regime from engaging with the sole coherent political voice in the country. Read More
Security in the Context of Transition and Conflict
Course mentor: Nayla Moussa Read More
Education Policies in Morocco: Can the Government Fix What It Broke?
After years of failed efforts to reform the education sector, Morocco must now ensure a comprehensive reshaping of its institutions to allow for a true implementation of its reform programme and reignite citizens' trust in the national education system. Read More
The Processes and Actors of the Democratic Transition
Course mentor: Asma Nouria Read More
The New Women’s Mobilization and Processes of National and Regional Diffusion
Course mentor: Hoda Elsadda Read More
Institutional Reform of State Agencies in the Arab Region
Course mentor: Amr Adly Read More
Origins, Evolution and Challenges to the Human Rights Movement in Tunisia
Focusing on the evolution and current challenges of the human rights movement in Tunisia, the paper assess its relationship with politics, the generational chasm among activists, and internal governance issues. Read More