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Gaza: Possible Outcomes of Egypt, Hamas, and Dahlan Talks
The latest talks between Egypt, Hamas, and Mohammad Dahlan, while rather unexpected, have reignited the debate about the future of the Gaza Strip. However, Gaza's future remains ambiguous. This paper presents four possible outcomes from these recent talks. Read More
A New Generation of Protests in Morocco? How Hirak al-Rif Endures
While similar structural factors underline the grievances of political protests in Morocco, the 20 February Movement and Hirak al-Rif in the north have taken different paths. Read More
The Evolution of Morocco’s Human Rights Movement
Mohamed Kadiri tackles the evolution of the human rights movement through studying the context and conditions under which human rights actors appeared and the influences that shaped their development, current challenges and could dictate their prospects. Read More
The Formal Birth of the Human Rights Movement in Egypt
While laying out a chronology of the birth and evolution of different human rights actors and their contribution to the movement, the paper sets the framework in which the work of human rights actors unfolds by dissecting four challenges. Read More
The Authoritarian Roots of Contemporary Islamist Discourse
When Islamist groups mix their political projects with religion, they shut the door to the possibility of criticism or political difference Read More
OUT OF THE INFERNO? Rebuilding Security in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen
Without a pre-defined security plan, no political authority is likely to control the countries living in fragmented security and political orders in MENA. The adoption of cooperative security could be a way out of the conflicts of the region. Read More
The Cultural Map: A Tool for Development and Peacebuilding
With the active participation of civil society, the cultural map can bring citizens together, pave the ground for social cohesion and the realization of transitional justice, and be a tool for setting up local and regional development programmes. Read More
The Long Reach of the Gulf Crisis
Trump’s declared intent to change his predecessor’s policy on alliances in the Middle East has led to a rift in the regional balance that existed since the 2015 Gulf reconciliation, fuelled the current crisis, and risks bringing back conflict between regional blocs. Read More
Civil Society and Public Policy Formation: Strategies from Morocco and Egypt
Civil society actors should adapt their means of pressure, create cooperatives to improve their development impact, and build and consolidate networks and consensus to be able to act as a unified force capable of influencing government policies and weathering periods of repression. Read More
Between Indifference and Charity: Syrian Refugees and the Syrian Diaspora in Brazil
Well-established institutions of the Syrian diaspora in Brazil have let down Syrian refugees fleeing the war by failing to provide them with adequate assistance and being indifferent to their plight or selective in their action to help. Read More