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Aleppo Christians: A Turbulent History and the Path Ahead

Policy Alternatives
Aleppo Christians: A Turbulent History and the Path AheadDownload Publication
Over the past two centuries, specific events marked the treatment of Christians in Aleppo, causing them to feel threatened, pushed them to migrate, or left them with negative feelings towards their Muslim neighbours.
Roger Asfar argues that this collective memory of persecution, Bashar al-Assad’s policies as "the protector" of minorities in a troubled region, and the lack of a constructive role by the church have contributed to ruining the relationship between Christian and Muslims of the city.
This also explains the lack of Christian support for the Syrian 2011 revolution. Restoring this damaged relationship requires a lot from all sides but will not succeed under the current regime, and without a change in its relationship with the Christian leadership.
Photo: A picture of the destruction of the Holy Church of Saint Mar Assia al-Hakim in Aleppo, Syria, February 2017, © EPA.