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Governance and the Human Rights Movement in Morocco

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Governance and the Human Rights Movement in MoroccoDownload Publication

This paper concludes a series on governance and human rights action in North Africa. Written by Mohammad Tariq, it presents a preliminary analysis of the issues of governance in human rights organizations in Morocco. Such a research faces methodological and practical impediments stemming from the scarcity of information on funding flows and other governance issues.  

The paper concludes that human rights CSOs in Morocco face several challenges when it comes to financial governance and independence. In the area of financial governance, associations are extremely under-funded and lack steady, sustainable financial resources. They struggle to maintain their independence from both the state and political parties or other influential groups. Given the strong link between funding and independence, rights associations in Morocco risk deviation from their initial goals and principles under the influence of donors' agendas. They also grapple with an inefficient and opaque legal framework that regulates funding and public accounting for NGOs in general. The state has long turned monitoring mechanism and protocols of accountability into tools to control rights organizations.