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Brochure 2015: Celebrating ARI’s 10th Anniversary

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“As some Arab countries plunge into a cycle of violence, conflicts, authoritarian relapses, and the questioning of the regional order altogether, our commitment to maintaining democratic spaces for the expression of human decency and dignity is stronger than ever.”
Bassma Kodmani
To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Arab Reform Initiative published this brochure to showcase its leading work over the last decade. 
In addition to ARI governance structure, the brochure presents our key projects ranging from measuring the democratic transition in the Arab countries to promoting security sector reform to enabling democracy through constitutional and judicial reform.
In its decade of work, ARI has emerged as a leading institution in the measurement of the Arab democratic transition through its large-scale, cross-national quantitative research. Our Arab Democracy Index report provide unprecedented insight into the democratic transition of a number of countries in the region.
Our research in the field of security sector reform, which commenced in 2007, identified the security apparatuses as the greatest challenge to democratic transition that would come to light in the aftermath of the 2011 uprisings, demonstrating a capacity for foresight that our unique working model affords. ARI continues to lead the way with new projects.
Establishing an independent and professional judiciary has become the most critical priority in the transition period since 2011. Authoritarian regimes have corrupted their justice systems and violated their professional ethics, depriving them of their credibility and ability to ensure access to justice for individuals. Within the judicial sector, ARI has undertaken projects that articulate broad agendas of reform, touching upon the governance of the judiciary, human resources management in the justice sector, the political process and its link with the judiciary, issues of transparency, and law enforcement.
Looking forward, ARI is determined to increase our efforts to give a younger generation the best chances, nurture their aspirations and accompany them in their various trajectories as they strive to learn, carve new spaces and equip themselves with tools for action, challenging traditional conceptions of politics and social engagement.