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Tahdir for Syria 2

The Tahdir for Syrian project will prepare young professional Syrians to take on an active role in working towards a peaceful, democratic, and inclusive Syria with transparent and accountable governmental institutions. This project is a continuation of a three-year long Action which ended in March 2018. While building on previous achievements, Tahdir for Syria 2 will review, revise, and expand the training modules and enhance the sustainability of the project, while also setting in place the necessary conditions for future expansion.

Through a blend of e-learning, this Action, 15 June until end of December 2018, we will review the already established training modules on Justice and Security Sector Reform (SSR), Governance “Administration, Civil Society”, and Syria’s Reconstruction and Development: Architecture, Urbanism and Planning in Conflict and Beyond. Additionally, this Action will establish one new accredited module that provides tools for “Peacebuilding and Social Cohesion”:  and one new module on Training of Trainers methodology (ToT). The latter will ensure an increased sustainability of the Action.

The Tahdir for Syria 2 programme is managed by the Arab Reform Initiative (ARI) and funded by the European Union and Germany as part of the Syria Peace Process Support Initiative " SPPSI ".

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