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Maher Al Junaidy

Maher Al Junaidy is a Researcher, author, journalist, and media consultant, currently the editor-in-chief of the Arabic unit at media organization in Dubai.

Maher is a regular columnist on political and cultural issues in An-Nahar (Lebanon), Al-Hayat and Al Quds Al Arabi (London), and he is the author of three books: The Orphan Revolution (Dar Joud 2014), Juhayna: Modern Technologies in the Media World (2003), and Idrissi: Techniques for Searching Arabic Content in Information Systems (2001).

Maher Al Junaidy participated in numerous discussion panels and he was interviewed on economics and IT by the BBC, Al Jazeera, Dubai TV, Abu Dhabi TV, and Sharjah TV.


Writer's Publications

Gulf Countries as a Destination for Syrian Financial Capital: The Case of the United Arab Emirates


This paper addresses the situation of Syrians in the UAE, and their readiness to contribute to the reconstruction of Syria. It has two parts...