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Engaged Algerian Youth: Living in Diaspora, New Approaches to Political Action?

As part of its broad research project “Arab Youth as Political Actors”, the Arab Reform Initiative organized on 25 November 2018 in Paris, France, a Policy Dialogue meeting that brought together 13 Algerian youth activists living in France. The event discussed the modes of action and new forms of engagement adopted by Algerian youth as vectors of thought and political practice. In the first session, participants discussed the impact of living in diaspora on activism in Algeria, including how the experience abroad changes their understanding of politics, how the diaspora in France can strengthen associative action in Algeria, and the impact of the experience abroad on the trajectories of youth activists. In the second session, participants discussed social entrepreneurship and associative work as new forms of political action, looking in particular at the current and potential future political roles engaged youth can play in Algerian politics and an eventual transition process in Algeria.