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Asma Nouira

Asma Nouira is a professor of Political Science and Law at the University of El-Manar and an expert on Islamic studies and official religious institutions in Tunisia. Her special field of research is the relationship between the state and religion and religious actors. In 2011, she was appointed as one of the original members of the Committee of Experts to the Ben Achour Political Reform Commission where she worked on different legal projects concerning the democratic transition, such as the electoral code and a media code. She is co-founder and the current President of the Observatoire Tunisien de la Transition Démocratique (OTTD).


Writer's Publications

Tunisia’s Local Elections: Entrenching Democratic Practices

Executive Summary

On 6 May 2018, Tunisia held its first municipal elections since 2011. These elections were the fourth Tunisians had called for after National Constituent Assembly elections in...

Tunisia’s challenge: combating terrorism without comprising human rights

Terrorism has hit Tunisia’s tourist industry again, this time on the beaches of Sousse. Thirty-eight dead. It comes less than three months after the Bardo Museum incident where twenty-one died. In...

Money, Politics and Elections: Tunisia holds elections.jpg
Money, Politics and Elections: Tunisia holds elections
As anticipated, the preliminary results of Tunisia’s legislative elections resulted in the emergence of two major parliamentary groups competing to rule the country. The decline of the Ennahda...