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Armenak Tokmajyan

Armenak Tokmajyan is a Research Associate at Tampere Peace Research Institute (Tapri), Finland. His main areas of research interest include the dynamics of peace and conflict in the Middle East, especially Syria, and the conflict situation in the South Caucasus. Mr. Tokmajyan is the author of a number of research paper such as “Militarization of the Syrian Revolution: Was this the Wrong Choice,” Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research; “Conflict Transformation in Syria,” Tampere University Press; “Hezbollah’s Intervention in Syria: Religious Obligation or Political Choice?” journal of Approaching Religion; “Can Nagorno-Karabakh Be Part of Azerbaijan?” The Washington Review: A Journal of Turkish and Eurasian Affairs.


Writer's Publications

Syria: the strategy of ceasefires

Armenak Tokmajyan, writer and research associate looks at how ceasefires can be used to try and break the deadlock in Syria.

"This article does not claim to find the solution for the Syrian crisis, but it provides some empirical...