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Nayla Moussa

Nayla Moussa is a Researcher at ARI, leading the project Rebuilding Security in Fragmented Societies and Society and Security in Transition: Tunisia. She is also a Course Leader within the Tahdir for Syrians programme, leading courses on rule of law and security sector reform.  She holds a PhD from Sciences-Po Paris  and is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Institute for Strategic Research (IRSEM).  Her dissertation examined the reconstruction process of the Lebanese army and the evolution of its role after the civil war and her research focuses on Arab armies, civil-military relations in the Arab world and the role of security institution in divided societies.

Nayla’s main publications include “Loyalties and Group Formation within the Lebanese Officer Corps” (Carnegie Middle East Center, 2015), “10 ans après…le destin du Liban toujours lié à celui de la Syrie” (Afrique du Moyen Orient, 2015),  “L’armée libanaise : une exception dans le paysage militaire arabe?” (Champs de Mars, 2012), and “L’armée libanaise : acteur national, acteur régional” (Editions du Cyne, 2011).


Writer's Publications

The Lebanese Legislative Elections: Fragmentation and Polarization


On 6 May 2018, Lebanon had its first legislative elections in nine years. But what was celebrated as a “victory for democracy” may have been...

The Battle for Qalamoun: Hezbollah’s Victories and the Lebanese State’s Defeat

The battle of Qalamoun, a mountainous region of Syria along the border with Lebanon, was announced by Hassan Nasrallah in February 2015. Beginning the first week of May, Nasrallah declared victory on May 16, arguing that...