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Bouhania Goui
Bouhania Goui is an Algerian scholar who specializes in state transitions and elections.

Professor of political science and international relations at the Kasdi Merbah University of Ouargla in Algeria. He received his doctorate in political science with a distinction in 2007, in partnership with the University of Paris VIII. He has published several studies in three languages focusing on martial courts and elections.


Writer's Publications

Is the Algerian Military mightier than the law?
Is the Algerian Military Mightier Than the Law?
In the light of growing security...
Algerian angst: can it agree on constitutional change?
Algerian Angst: Can It Agree on Constitutional Change?
Bouhania Goui, Professor of Political Science and International Relations at Kasdi Merbah de Ouargla University in Algeria...