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Nacer Djabi

Nacer Djabi is a professor of sociology at the University of Algiers II and researcher at the Centre de recherche en économie appliquée et développement (CREAD). He is the author of several works, including El Wazir el-Djazaïri: oussol wa massarat [The Algerian Minister: Principles and Paths] (2001), Algérie: Etat et élites (2008), and Limada ta'akhara ar-rabïe el-Djazaïri? [Why is the Algerian Spring late?] (2012).

Writer's Publications

Solving the tensions in Algeria’s Ghardaia region

The problems

The violent incidents of July 2015 in the Ghardaia province of Algeria, which caused the death of over twenty citizens, were not the first of their kind and will, unfortunately, probably not be the...