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Organizing the Social Democratic Space

The project seeks to support like-minded democratic actors from different countries who have made social justice, respect for minorities and inclusion a priority. The aim is to define the intellectual base, identify the priorities, help shape the platforms that democratic new leaders can use in their strategies to mobilize, and build the networks of relations between them and key figures from other sectors of society who together can empower the democratic movement. Target countries are Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan, Algeria and Morocco as well as war-torn Libya and Syria. The project brings together actors in order to reflect on their values, assert their social and political identity, articulate their priorities, select the most critical battles they should be waging, and develop the means to mobilize constituencies for effective strategies.

Following the development of action strategies during a first conference held in March 2017 in Beirut, the project will support, in its second phase, a small working group to begin implementing these strategies and to conduct an assessment on existing national narratives and the desire of populations to be part of the national community. The group will build networks of relations with diverse sectors of society to redefine the bases for preserving their communities, managing inter-societal relations, reforming national institutions to enshrine the rights and needs of all components of society, and build on the new patterns of governance and leadership that have emerged at the local level in different contexts.

Bassma Kodmani, ARI Executive Director, leads this project.