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Supporting Civil Society and Conflict Resolution in Syria

ARI is engaged to support civil society in Syria and to assist conflict resolution efforts.

Building upon ARI’s experience in 2012 of supporting the growth and institutionalization of nascent civil society organisations in the initial aftermath of the Arab Spring through the first round of the Arab Research Support Programme (ARSP), we are working in 2016 to nurture a number of Syrian civil society organisations groups inside the country, in neighboring countries where Syrian refugees are concentrated as well as within the Syrian diaspora. The aim is to aid their survival and development and so help the development of an inclusive and democratic society.

To assist conflict resolution efforts, we produce evidence-based research and analysis of groups, players and peacebuilding dynamics with the aim to provide insight into threats and opportunities for conflict resolution, and to contribute to the discussions on how to build a coherent and stable state in Syria. In addition, we produce a regular newsletter ‘Syria Insight’ to provide stakeholders with nuanced and timely analysis of events and issues related to the conflict.

The ARI project ‘Supporting Civil Society and Conflict Resolution in Syria’ began in 2015 and will continue through 2016.

Nafissa El Souri, ARI Programme and Research Assistant, coordinates this project.

Project Publications
Europe, not the United States, pays the price of failure in Syria
Russian President Putin has decided that Syria is part of Russia’s near abroad, no less than Ukraine it seems, a territory where some vital national interests are at stake. He has predicted the fecklessness of Western powers well. Whether he is deploying his arsenal in Syria to fight Daesh or to bolster Assad, by moving massive military presence into Syria he has made himself the one player that counts and has put himself in a position to call the shots. He does not have a strategy to end the conflict. But he has one that he thinks will guarantee Russia’s influence in this pivotal country while the West has no strategy to confront him.
Bassma Kodmani
The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria: Illusion and Reality
The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria: Illusion and Reality
In light of the existential challenges faced by the Muslim Brotherhood movement in the region since the start of popular revolutions, ARI is publishing two papers about the state of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Syria, research characterized by extensive knowledge of these two groups as conducted by Ibrahim el Houdaiby and Waseem Hafez.
Waseem Hafez