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Supporting Civil Society and Conflict Resolution in Syria

ARI is engaged to support civil society in Syria and to assist conflict resolution efforts.

Building upon ARI’s experience in 2012 of supporting the growth and institutionalization of nascent civil society organisations in the initial aftermath of the Arab Spring through the first round of the Arab Research Support Programme (ARSP), we are working in 2016 to nurture a number of Syrian civil society organisations groups inside the country, in neighboring countries where Syrian refugees are concentrated as well as within the Syrian diaspora. The aim is to aid their survival and development and so help the development of an inclusive and democratic society.

To assist conflict resolution efforts, we produce evidence-based research and analysis of groups, players and peacebuilding dynamics with the aim to provide insight into threats and opportunities for conflict resolution, and to contribute to the discussions on how to build a coherent and stable state in Syria. In addition, we produce a regular newsletter ‘Syria Insight’ to provide stakeholders with nuanced and timely analysis of events and issues related to the conflict.

The ARI project ‘Supporting Civil Society and Conflict Resolution in Syria’ began in 2015 and will continue through 2016.

Nafissa El Souri, ARI Programme and Research Assistant, coordinates this project.

Project Publications
A force for Syria's future: a proposed national army
A force for Syria's future: a proposed national army
Abdulnasser Al-Ayed, playwright and writer proposes in his article the idea of a Syrian National Army. This he sees is the only real solution for the conflict that is being fought more and more between three opposing groups - the Assad regime, extremist Islamist forces that seek the establishment of a religious Sunni state in which the role of minorities would remain secondary, and the national democracy movement.
Abdel-Nasser al-Ayed


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