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Policy Alternatives



The Long Reach of the Gulf Crisis
Trump’s declared intent to change his predecessor’s policy on alliances in the Middle East has led to a rift in the regional balance that existed since the 2015 Gulf reconciliation, fuelled the current crisis, and risks bringing back conflict between regional blocs.
Sokrat Al-Alou
Egypt’s Unexceptional State of Emergency
Egyptian President al-Sissi’s imposition of the state of emergency in April 2017 adds nothing new to the already restrictive framework and is used by the regime to legitimize rights abuses in the name of fighting terrorism.
Sherif Mohy El Deen
Religion and the State in Post-War Syria
Since 2011, the importance of religious concerns has increased in Syria with the Assad regime working to stir sectarian feelings and heighten fears among minorities. What can be done to neutralize religion as an element of political conflict in post-war Syria?
Abderrahman al-Haj