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Research Papers

The State and Human Rights Organizations in Egypt: A Problem of Political Culture or a Structural Crisis?
Egyptian rights groups must build wider social and political networks and alliances to enable them to influence state decisions and represent rights holders to be able to confront a context of restrictions and a status quo that blocks the construction of a modern democratic state.
Mohamed El Agati
Human Rights Action and Social Movements in Morocco
In starting to bridge the gap with movements calling for social and economic rights in Morocco, rights actors collide with existing economic and political arrangements and the entrenched networks of patronage. This will be their challenge for years to come.
Youssef Mounsif
Governance and the Human Rights Movement in Morocco
This paper presents a preliminary analysis of the issues of governance in human rights organizations in Morocco. Such a research faces methodological and practical impediments stemming from the scarcity of information on funding flows and other governance issues.
Mohammad Tariq