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OUT OF THE INFERNO? Rebuilding Security in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen
Without a pre-defined security plan, no political authority is likely to control the countries living in fragmented security and political orders in MENA. The adoption of cooperative security could be a way out of the conflicts of the region.
Florence Gaub
Abdel-Nasser al-Ayed
Bassma Kodmani
Nayla Moussa
Myriam Benraad
Virginie Collombier
Fatiha Dazi-Héni
Civil Society and Public Policy Formation: Strategies from Morocco and Egypt
Civil society actors should adapt their means of pressure, create cooperatives to improve their development impact, and build and consolidate networks and consensus to be able to act as a unified force capable of influencing government policies and weathering periods of repression.
Sarah Anne Rennick
Omnia Khalil
Nayera Abdel Rahman
Hania Sobhy
Reem Abdelhaliem
Arab Democracy Index 5
Report: The decline in the Index highlights shortcomings of the process of democratic change and its inability to transform the Arab region.
مبادرة الإصلاح العربي
Arab Reform Initiative
Europe’s Border: Local Power and Democratic Consolidation in Tunisia
The Arab Reform Initiative and the Collège Méditerranéen pour la Recherche Scientifique organized a two-day conference in Tunis on 30 and 31 May 2016 to present European experiences of municipal development during periods of democratic consolidation, and to contribute to the debate on implementing local government in Tunisia.
Alvaro Vasconcelos
The State of Information in Egypt: Activating the Constitutional Right
The State of Information in Egypt: Activating the Constitutional Right
Between 2013-2016, ARI and its member organisation, the Egyptian Centre for Public Opinion Research (Baseera), have been engaged in a project that promotes access to information as a right of citizens. The project seeks to enhance citizens’ mobilisation to demand the freedom of information as a right, focusing specifically on Egypt.